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LifetimeofBeautyGorilla Deck® will never rot, split, or decay, and is impervious to insects and moisture. Every Gorilla Deck® is covered by one of the toughest warranties in the industry.
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BeautifulandStrongn addition to helping keep the below-deck space dry, Gorilla Deck’s unique interlocking design also provides added strength. While traditional deck designs rely on the strength of each individual plank.
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YouHaveChoicesA Gorilla Deck® makes a beautiful addition to any home, offering an attractive, low-maintenance deck that would make any homeowner proud, but the beauty of a Gorilla Deck® isn’t just what’s on top.
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Gorilla Decking® and Vinyl Railing Systems Offer More Design Choices and Improved Safety

There is a vibrant, growing market all across America for products dedicated
to outdoor living. That is why the topic of decking material is hotly debated
among architects, developers, builders and homeowners. The decking issue
is complicated today by there being so many options as to wood types and
preservation treatments, composite wood-plastic materials and pure
polymers. Everyone is trying to determine the best value as regards materials
and installation costs, durability, ease of maintenance and aesthetics.

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